Osaka to me

After some technical trouble, we’re back. We’ve been in Osaka now for three days and counting. Some legendary Japanese spots have been ripped and new gems found. We’ve met up with old friends and met tons of new ones. Big shouts to B7 and their super hospitality - best demo ever. Check the clips below for proof.

Corey mixing up some hentai

Chris bugging out

Corey didn’t have a license for this thing. Sketchy roads too.

The B7 East crew. A demo, a BBQ and big hugs all around.

Hiro handles some business

Beach day

Epic spot on the way to Osaka. Will mapquest the directions soon. Right…

We had to skate Brazil. The mosquitos were a nightmare.

Chris losing ten bucks to me.

Corey doing his best impersonation of luggage.

Some nice demo footy. Hai Cheezu! Click to play.

Momentum in Japan from brian caissie on Vimeo.

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