Momentum Japan Video

December 23rd, 2008

Check it out, our tour video is done!!

Chris Haslam, Ted Degros, Corey Sheppard, Magnus Hanson, Toeda Yoshiaki and Hiroyuki Matsuo.

Make sure you also check out photos from the tour in issue 59 of the Skateboard Mag which is on stands now!

Momentum in Japan 2008 from Ultimate Dist on Vimeo.

Bullet back to Tokyo

August 11th, 2008

Headed back to Tokyo today after a killer time in Osaka. Thanks to Kunjiro and Habuchin for driving all the luggage back while us lazy asses took the bullet train. Whipping through a small village at 400 km’s is pretty damn cool though. We’re winding down the trip with a few more days in Tokyo and a few more bowls of ramen. Gathered tons of footage and photos and had such a good time.

The old guy on the right was bombing these stairs on his bike. He said “I can even do it drunk, in fact I’m drunk right now”

Recognize this?

Most of us hit up the ramen at least twice a day. Seriously.
Ted and Toeda (who absolutely kills it by the way)

We skated this mini at a hip hop / death metal show. Weirdness.

Magnus had fun there though.

French waps anyone?

The weirdest spot. So rough and hard to skate, so of course Chris was the only one to get a trick.

Ted and Corey signing in Osaka. Check out the movie premiere-like custom backdrop

These might be Cicadas? Whatever they are, they were crazy loud.
Think photographers wearing earplugs and skaters losing it.

Dikey with a bs 180 over a pole

This kid missed the signing and rolled up with his mom while we were hanging out.
Got himself some time with the guys. So polite. Like any Japanese aren’t though, right?

Last clips without giving too much away. In here: Magnus, me, Corey, Hiro and Toeda.

Momentum in Tokyo 2 from brian caissie on Vimeo.

Osaka to me

August 9th, 2008

After some technical trouble, we’re back. We’ve been in Osaka now for three days and counting. Some legendary Japanese spots have been ripped and new gems found. We’ve met up with old friends and met tons of new ones. Big shouts to B7 and their super hospitality - best demo ever. Check the clips below for proof.

Corey mixing up some hentai

Chris bugging out

Corey didn’t have a license for this thing. Sketchy roads too.

The B7 East crew. A demo, a BBQ and big hugs all around.

Hiro handles some business

Beach day

Epic spot on the way to Osaka. Will mapquest the directions soon. Right…

We had to skate Brazil. The mosquitos were a nightmare.

Chris losing ten bucks to me.

Corey doing his best impersonation of luggage.

Some nice demo footy. Hai Cheezu! Click to play.

Momentum in Japan from brian caissie on Vimeo.

Dealing with the heat

August 5th, 2008

So we’re on our fourth day in Tokyo and the heat isn’t letting up. Heading out to Nagoya today and then on to Osaka the next… gonna be a lot of driving. Everyone’s having a blast and we thank our Japanese distributors, Yoshio and Kunjiro from Big Wing for the good times.

Some snakes and ladders on the plane over

Gobble snake anyone?

Welcome to Japan hotel room concert

Corey about to win some pre-demo karting

Matt beating the heat arab styles

Haslam’s crowd pleaser

it’s hot…

damn hot

Magnus ending the night off right